Artistic activity

The Academy conducts very rich artistic activity. It organizes over 400 various events per year, including concerts of symphonic, oratorio, chamber, choral, jazz or old music, operatic performances, recitals, and events for children and young people, which are aimed at developing their love of music. The Academy’s stage is open to students and teachers alike, as well as to artists invited from other cities in Poland and abroad. The Academy runs several series of concerts, such as ‘The master and the student’, ‘Competition winners’ or ‘Composers and their audience’, organized as part of the so-called ‘Music on Tuesday’ series, which has always been one of its distinguishing marks, especially during the first years of its existence. It also holds various festivals, such as the American Music Festival in 2007, attended by artists from overseas. In addition, one of the Academy’s traditions is to organize meetings with highly regarded figures from the world of science or art. Of much importance are international or national competitions organized by the Academy on its own or co-organized with various music associations; in recent years these included piano, vocal, bassoon, choir conducting, flute, double bass and modern music interpretation competitions.

The Academy also cooperates with other art universities in Wrocław. The Academy’s building regularly serves as the venue for exhibitions of works of visual arts created by both teachers and students of Wrocław’s Academy of Fine Arts; it also houses a permanent exhibition of prints made by AFA students. Unique in Poland is the theatrical form programme, subsidized by Wrocław’s authorities, covering the State University School of Drama, the Academy of Music and the Academy of Fine Arts. Since 1996 several dozen performances have been given under the programme. The performances are prepared by students: actors – playing the characters of the drama, visual artists – designing the stage scenery and costumes, and composers – creating music for the plays, all working under the artistic supervision of their teachers.

The most important artistic groups of the Academy are: the Symphonic Orchestra, the Chamber Orchestra, Jazz Orchestra, the String Orchestra of the Department of Music Education, and three choirs: ‘Feichtinum’, ‘Senza Rigore’ and the Stanisław Krukowski Choir. There are also numerous chamber music groups operating at the school. Students play in Wrocław and other cities and towns around Poland, and participate in international music endeavors. They take part in performances of big vocal-and-instrumental works, as well as in workshops and competitions. The Academy’s achievements may be measured by the successes of its alumni, who regularly win prizes at renowned music competitions at home and abroad.

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